Avastar-1-dev-376 ready for Blender 2.62:

Today we released another Avastar update. We tried our best to ensure that this Avastar release shouls work from Release 2.58 up to 2.62.

Here are the changes since the last update:

  1. NEW: Bake T-pose fixed. Added parent to armature option and split off in ui to separate box
  2. NEW: added a ‘find unweighted vertices’ button. Will report on status line and console and will drop into edit mode with unweighted vertices selected if they are found
  3. NEW: added normalize weights button
  4. NEW: added weight inspection and modification tool
  5. NEW: Added mesh freeze tool with with hide option
  6. NEW: Added Exporter Prefilter to allow SL compatible export of Avastar armatures and meshes, also works for Blender 2.62
  7. NEW: Added “Avatar Center” attachment point with height adjustment during shape edit
  8. IMP: Modified weight copy so that pose is taken into account (by first freezing meshes)
  9. IMP: mesh visibility controls now in object mode for avatar selected
  10. IMP: GUI cosmetic fixes
  11. IMP: Make Avastar more robust against removal of elements (bones/shape keys).
  12. FIX: fixed eye animations based on EyeTarget
  13. FIX: Blender Python changes of Matrix implementation

New: Mesh Tools:


Purchase questions

  • I already purchased Avastar-1:
    You find the new update in your Jass-Inventory folder.
  • I want to buy Avastar-1:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Avastar-1 vendor.

Other Questions

Ask Gaia Clary in Second Life, or send email to mailto:gaia.clary@machinimatrix.org

Have Fun

Gaia & Magus & Domino

!!! NOTE: This is probably the last update before we releaseĀ  Avastar-1.0 !!!