Congratulation to the 8 winners of a free 3 months Blender Cloud Access!

Here is the list of Machinimatrix Blog accounts who have won:

  • busiweb
  • Fianna
  • jamina
  • KyrColl
  • MadzLevane
  • MarcelEdwad
  • mkok
  • sakka Flow

And here is how you get access to the Cloud(*):

  1. Log in to your Machinimatrix Blog account.
  2. Navigate to your My Account page.
  3. In your My Account page you find a box with title “My Blender Cloud Account”
    This box contains your Blender Cloud account.
  4. Now Register (for free) to the Blender Cloud
  5. Once you have registered and logged in, please notify about your succesful Cloud registration. We will then grant full access to the Cloud as soon as possible.

This promotion action continues!

If you have not won, then you will get a new chance this week.
The next lottery is on sunday 13-apr.

You can enter the lotterie

  • either when you purchase in this week
  • or when you deliver a nice little success story.

Good luck!

(*) Note: Currently the procedure is very annoying. But undortunately we have not received our contingent of Blender Cloud Coupons in time. So we have to grant your Cloud accounts manually. We apologize for that.