Account Purchases&Registration

We support purchases directly from two services: Second Life (with L$) and Website (using Paypal). And you possibly can purchase license and renewal with different Avatars. This results in following situations:

  • You purchase the initial license from one service and later update from the other service
  • You purchased the initial license and the updates with different Avatars

If you happen to have mixed up your purchases, please follow the Register&Download&Recover page. There you find instructions for solving your special case:



Hint: We recommend you use only one service. Mixing both is possible but needs extra action

First Aid

Avastar Discord channel (recommended)
This channel is a Browser based service with many advantages. Joining the Discord channel is free.

Blender/Avastar chat group in Secondlife
This group will help you when you got stuck and do not know how to proceed. Joining the chat group is free.


Hint: Always try to get first aid from the service groups

Our Service points:

  • Problem fixing on demand (see bottom of page)
  • Chat groups:
    • Blender Avastar (in SL),
    • Avastar (in Discord)


Help us to help you…

Please provide enough information about your issue. This helps us to solve your issue much faster.

We love brief and precise descriptions

Please follow the best practice guidelines to get quick response:

More help topics

Checklist: Important Information

Please provide all important information right away. We have to understand your issue and we need to reproduce it before we can solve it. So here is a list of what will help us to help you:

  • Add a description:
    • what fails ?
    • what do you expect ?
    • what happens instead ?
  • Product version (name of the installed zip file)
  • Blender version
  • Operating system
  • A well prepared demo .blend file.
  • For secured .blend files please provide the password
  • Upload your .blend files to
  • Upload your screenshots to

Checklist: Prepare your Blend file

Please take the time and clean up your blend file before you send it to us. Here is a list of useful hints how you can do that:

  • Always create a copy of your blend file
  • Prepare the copy such that we only need one click to step into your problem.
  • Please always strip down your blend such that it contains only the relevant data.

For Modelling/Weighting issues

  • Remove all packed textures
  • Remove unrelated other meshes

For Texturing issues

  • Pack all related texture data into the blend file as follows:
    File -> External data -> Pack into blend file
  • Remove unrelated other texture data
  • Store your blend file with “Compress enabled”. You can find the compress option in the file export panel, on the left side (in the tool shelf). You might need to scroll down a bit to see the options panel.
  • (Optionally) create screenshots (if explaining with words is too difficult).
  • Send the Blend file to us (see below which send options we support)

Please take this seriously. Not all of us have fast and unlimited access to the internet!

Live Chat

The chat Groups

For first and quick aid we provide 3 free support chat groups in SL:

  • Avastar (Discord)
  • blender primstar/jass (SL)
  • blender avastar (SL)

Here you will usually get quick answers provided by more experienced users.

Please avoid direct support requests in private IM’s!

The Chat Support Team

We provide an official support team which will often participate in the conversation when online:

  • Eleanora Newell
  • Gaia Clary
  • Etheria Parrott

In SL we also have a Bot named Boticita Resident. This Bot occasionally sends out information messages. But since its a bot it won’t answer questions.

Send your Blend file to us

upload to is a free public service for exchanging blend files. However you can secure your blend file by entering a password during the upload. here is the workflow:

  • open
  • Select your blend file on your local disk
  • (optionally) enter a password of your choice
  • Right after the upload completed you will get redirected to the download link for your blend file (look in the browser command line). Please copy this Link (use CTRL C)
  • Add the download link and the password (if you have specified one) to your support Ticket.

Or use another file sharing service

If you prefer then you also can use any other file sharing service of your choice. But please use this only if you are sure that service of your choice is trustworthy! ( is provided by one of the blender developers, so it should be a safe place). In any case you have to provide the download link within your support Ticket.

Problem Fixing on Demand

If you want, we can fix the problem for you. In that case we will charge 4000 L$ (~15 US$) for each 15 minutes of work.

If your problem is a bug

If we find that your problem is related to a bug in the Software, we will in no case charge you anything!