Welcome Blender 2.62

Blender 2.62 is out. This is the first Blender release after 2.49b which fully supports Second Life compatible Collada export files. In the “COLLADA (.dae)” export module you will find a new option “Export for Second Life”.

The most important constraints for rigged meshes are:

  • The mandatory set of 21 bone weight groups has to be supplied 
  • All vertices of the meshes must be weighted.
  • The meshes orientation must be:
    (z: vertical axis | y: left-right axis)
  • Rotation must be applied (in Object mode)
  • Scale should be applied (in Object mode)
  • Collapsed triangles must be avoided in physics shapes


If you check this option, your rigged meshes (with or without joints offsets) will be exported compatible to Second Life as long as the meshes conform to the Second Life constraints.

Second Life now “Collada stakeholder”

In agreement with the Blender developers Second Life has become the current stake holder for Collada support. That means whatever future changes will be applied to the Collada module, it will be tested to keep the Second Life compatibility intact. This will currently be ensured by 2 new Blender developers

  • Juha Mäki-Kanto
  • Domino Marama

Gaia Clary will keep the threads all together and help in organizing testing and documenting.

Please feel free to report any upcoming errors to the Blender Bug tracker and if you have ideas or whishes regarding Collada, then you are invited to add your comments to the discussion section of the Collada Import/Export todo page 

No future for the “SL Collada” Addon

Please note that my own “SL Collada” export helper addon has become obsolete starting from Blender 2.62. And in fact it will give you an error when you try to use it in release 2.62 and newer. 



Domino, Juha, Gaia