Are you a Secondlife developer kit creator, and …

  • Do you provide a developer kit for your customers?
  • Do you consider to support customers who use Blender and Avastar?
Then please consider to provide your Developer kit as a Collada file that is importable to SL without any modifications. And also please consider to NOT provide an Avastar compatible blend file. Read on if you want to know why this is a good idea:

Avastar is capable to convert an SL Collada file seamlessly into an up to date Avastar Rig. Your biggest benefit is that you do not need to bother with Blender specifics or with Avastar specifics.

All of this is an automatic procedure well supported by our Mesh Developer kit Manager. This is your best insurance that your developer kit will always be up to date with Avastar!

Does your Developer kit use the original SL Rig?

Even when your developer kit uses the SL default Rig, you should consider to provide a Collada file.

For more details seeĀ  The Developer Kit Reference pages

from the Machinimatrix