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What is Avastar?

Avastar is a Blender Addon, optimized to help you realize your vision for your own perfectly designed Second Life avatars and Animesh creatures. Avastar also helps you to bring your creations to life with beautiful animations.

If you are a designer, Avastar gives you the tools for creating precisely-fitted clothing, as well as armour, jewelry, hair, … even body parts such as wings, tails, heads, hands, limbs. Create for your own characters or for countless ready made Secondlife Mesh bodies…

Avastar helps you get started, with an in-world help group and Discord Server, as well as an array of documentation: over 200 documents on our web site, with 1500 images, tutorials, and videos, as well as an internal Blender/Avastar reference guide.

In short: Avastar unleashes your creativity and saves you from handling the technical issues when creating in Blender.

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What does Avastar offer?

You want to work with Developer Kits? No problem, Avastar features a Developerkit Manager for your benefit. Organize yourself to make clothes for one, two, 10, or as many Developerkits you have on your Disk.

You love to create Fitted Mesh? Avastar supports you with a dedicated tool for fitted mesh weighting.

You are more into modelling? Avastar provides a Shape Editor that works exactly like the Shape Editor in Secondlife, so you can test if your Meshes work as expected with different Shapes.

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And even more to discover?

Avastar has much more to offer. It has a Secondlife Mesh clone (Avatar) precisely generated from the specifications, it has a sophisticated Rig featuring FK- and IK- Animation, it comes with enhanced support for face weight generation.

Furthermore you get a small set of Demo clothes, the Avamesh character and the Bento angel, one of the first Avatars made for the Bento bones, you can import BVH Animations directly into an Avastar rig, we support Secondlife’s internal animation format, and many more for you to discover.

See the Video that we made for Tamara Scholten (at bottom of page)


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Avastar Milestone versions:

  • Avastar-1 (legacy) – Blender up to 2.70
  • Avastar-2.79 (mature) – Blender 2.79
  • Avastar-3.1 Bundle (flagship) – Blender 3.0-3.1 (*)

An archive for download older Avastar versions is available.

(*) The Avastar Bundle 3.1 is the most advanced version, tested with Blender 3.0 and Blender 3.1. Newer versions of Blender have few known issues (to be fixed as soon as possible) Older versions of Blender might work (but are not tested)