We have been working on the infrastructure of this blog now for a couple of days and introduced some new features here for your convenience. So we hope that effort will enhance the usability of this site. So the machinimatrix proudly presents …

Video entry points

Some of our videos now come along with a linklist (seen on the left of the video). The linklist serves 2 purposes:

  1. At any moment in the video the currently played subsequence gets highlighted in the link list. So you always know which topic is currently shown in the video.
  2. You always can click directly into the linklist and immediately will be “videoported” to the startpoint (cuepoint) of the clicked topic.

Random Access

All videos featuring “video entry points” can also be clicked directly at any point on the timeline. By this you immediately get access to the corresponding point in time in the video. Previously you always had to wait until the video was loaded up to the part where you clicked. Note that we will upgrade all our videos as soon as possible to support this feature.

User registration

We added the possibility for user registration. Currently this does not give you much more than just becoming a member of the machinimatrix. But here we plan for a lot more, like members section, special offers for members, enhanced functionality, etc. However one remarkable addition has already been added for registered users only:

File attachments on comments

Whenever you create a comment, you can now attach files to your text. Yes, you can attach .blend files here if you like. But lots of other data-formats are also supported. If you happen to attach images, they mostly get directly rendered on the comment. Please note, that this feature is only available for registered users. And please keep low with your data-volume. Our disk storage capacity is not the smallest but it is limited. We feel free to remove attachments of inadequate content and will abandon users who obviously use this feature for dishonest purposes.

Please report us back if you encounter any problems or if you have suggestions for improvement.

And have fun,

The machinimatrix team