After more than 2 years of development and testing Avastar-1.0 is finally available. Avastar is a tool-set made for Blender, it is designed to support the creation and animation of characters and attachments. It is optimized for Second life, but it also supports other similar products.

Avastar works for any Blender version starting from Blender 2.64, up to the most recent release.

Avastar is available from the JASS-Shop in second life or via Paypal (See left sidebar of this page).

Questions ?

Ask Gaia Clary in Second Life, or send email to

Have Fun

Gaia & Magus & Domino

Where is the Download ?

  • I lost my download link:
    Please check in the FAQ.
  • I already purchased Avastar-1:
    You find the new update in your Product Download folder.
  • I want to buy Avastar-1:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Avastar-1 vendor.

Changeset from last development version:

  • Imp: Usability of Avatar Shape panel
  • Imp: Template Files no longer change the user interface
  • New: Cleanup button to remove transfered animation from target object
  • New: Retarget map guesser (works for BVH files from SL and Carnegie Mellon)
  • New: Indicator for extra materials generated by SL importer for large meshes ( > 21844 Tris )
  • Imp: improved Weight Edit panel layout, Renamed Panel to match similar rename in Blender
  • Fix: fix for situation where we have no active object
  • Change: replaced bmesh usage by using updated mesh (until better support for bmesh in panels is available).
  • New: Added ghost meshes to allow modifiers (shrinkwrap, mask , mirror) during rigging
  • New: Added weight group type selector for ‘[bones, other, all] weightgroups’ to the weight group editor
  • Rem: discard LOD estimate tool for Blender < 2.66, too many issues with bmesh
  • Imp: Optimized Layout of deform enable/disable button
  • Imp: added mode switch to weight preset. Now object goes to weight paint mode and armature to pose mode.
  • Imp: toolshelf organization: moved skeleton display options into the show bones tab



  • Avastar provides easy creation of characters based on Second Life Shapes
  • Shape-sliders for easy shape adjustments
  • Rigging of non human characters
  • Weighting to Collision volume bones and Advanced weight copy tools.
  • A mesh calculator for estimating your mesh costs.
  • An embedded Collada exporter, optimized for use with second Life.
  • Welding of boundary seams for seamless texturing of multi part creations.
  • An advanced rig for animation with blender tools,
  • Animation of eye movements,
  • Facial expression sliders (upload to Second Life not supported)
  • Animation of collision volumes and attachment points.
  • A Retarget tool optimized for transferring second Life animations.
  • Export as BVH and as dot-anim format.

Known bugs:

  • The Spine attachment bone has a wrong orientation. Thus attachment animations of the aSpine bone will turn the bone upside down. Only the aSpine bone is affected. For all other bones animations work just fine. No workaround known.

Important notes:

  • Although Avastar-1.0 is now released, please continue reporting any issues. Every test case can help us to isolate and fix new problems.

  • We have tested Avastar-1.0 on the 2.68 development version of Blender. However Avastar should also run on all Blender versions starting from 2.64 up to 2.68.