The Second Life chat group  “blender primstar/jass” is the official support group for the products

  • Primstar-1 (for blender 2.4)
  • Jass-Pub, Jass-Pro and Jass-Magic (for blender 2.4)
  • Primstar-2 (for blender 2.5 and newer)

Of course we will try to answer any Blender related questions.

If you need any sort of help regarding the above mentioned products, please do not hesitate to ask your question in this support group. If you do not get an instant answer to your problem, then please send a notecard to one of the Group officers:

  • Eleanora Newell
  • Gaia Clary

Please add your name and one or two keywords about your question to the notecard title. Inside the notecard report the details of your issue. If you do not get an answer within a day, then we might be in holidays or very busy. Then please IM us directly.

Note that we are not able to give detailed support for other products, although we will try to be helpfull as much as we can.

Eleanora & Gaia