This is a short summary of the features and fixes that we made since Avastar-2.4-1 and which will become available in the next major release.

Note: the next release is not yet available!

Features improved or added since Avastar -2.4-1

  • Export of static (not rigged) Objects now fully implemented
  • Switching from one Workflow preset to another is now much faster
  • Synchronization of animation bones with deform bones can now be disabled on demand
  • When generating Weight from Bones then SPine Bones are only weighted when visible
  • Improved weighting of SL Eyes and Custom Eyes
  • Binding now has a Redo operator for interactive binding
  • Binding can now be limited to selectable bone groups
  • Unbinding has now an option to restore the original mesh to avoid unprecisions
  • Binding is now precise (no vertex shifting) and the reference mesh is now the original mesh
  • Improve recovery from broken RIg information (now report errors instead of tracedumps)
  • Unbind now unbinds all child meshes when only the armature is selected
  • weight Copy: Add option to generate symmetric weight map for symetric bones
  • weight copy: Now allows to set options before calling the generator
  • Meshes now also get a Revision number when bound to an Avastar rig
  • Zero weights checker tool now has an optional minimum weight value filter
  • Improved tool tips and messages in the Blender console
  • The Avastar Maintenence Panel gives better information when login fails
  • Devkit manager and copyrig tool: now allows to specify the UP Axis (Z or Y)

Features fixed since Avastar -2.4-1

  • IK Target for Right leg corrected
  • IK Alignement fixed
  • IK Constraints now also work when Blender internationalization is enabled
  • Spine Bones now correctly weighted depending on their folding state
  • Spine Bones now Bound depending on their visibility
  • Fitting Sliders at extreme Positions no longer result in tracedumps in the Blender console
  • PEC Sliders can now be set to 0 without creating a tracedump in the blender console
  • BVH Animations exported by Avastar no longer have an artificial offset in Z
  • BVH Loop Calculator now takes SL oddities into account (fiorst frame plays 3 times)
  • HIP Compatibility mode now takes care of the related collision volume and attachment bone
  • Armature is no longer displayed on all layers after Rig upgrade
  • Mesh container is now moved to correct hierarchy level after upgrade
  • Rig Update Tool now relocates Armature modifier correctly
  • Rig Update tool no longer drops deform flag after upgrade