We found a serious issue with the Avastar-1.3 and the Sparkles-1.3 Addons. Those addons initially only worked reliably on Blender 2.72b. We found the reason for this today and fixed it. So all users of Sparkles-1.3 please do the following:

  1. Download Avastar-1.3-3 from your Avastar download page
  2. Download Sparkles-1.3-3 from your Sparkles download page (Note: Sparkles-1.3 is a separate purchase)
  3. Install both Addons. You can do that by installing the new Addons over the old ones.
  4. Ensure that your addons are enabled

Now all Avastar- and Sparkles functions should work again. We apoplogize for the broken distribution.

Please continue to report any issues. We will fix any breakage as soon as possible.