Avastar-1.3 is Out. This release does not provide any major new features like the last releases did. It just fixes a few smaller issues and adds a bit here and there. So you might not even notice an immediate difference, except in the Bone Weight Copy area. There we have fixed a bug that prevented a mirror weight copy from opposite bones when the mesh was exactly symmetric. Now exact symmetric meshes can be mirror weight copied again.

The Avastar-1.3 maintenance update contains 2 major changes:

  • We added a switch between vertex mirror weight copy and topology mirror weight copy, see the Bone Weight Copy help page.
  • We added some hooks for future integrations of other Addons with Avastar.

Avastar-1.3 provides a few bug fixes and improvements

Here is the list of modifications since Avastar-1.2:

  • Imp: Internal cleaning up
  • Imp: Added toggle to switch from Vertex Mirror to topology mirror for copy weights from opposite side
  • Imp: Avastar Rotation Control now also works when Bone constraints are renamed by user
  • Fix: links from Blender Help to Website help pages
  • Fix: Shape export: gender male should be 1.0, not 0.1
  • Fix: seams where calculated wrong
  • Fix: The weight Source Selection was sometimes not properly recognized
  • Fix: allow Shape Sliders even when no Avastar meshes are present
  • Fix: Copy from one Avastar to another was blocked
  • Fix: Update_Tool(in place upgrade): Remove children from Target Armature when not present in source Armature


If you find bugs, then please consider to open a new Report on our Ticket page.