We have just released an update for Primstar-2. It is not necessary to also update to blender-2.57a
but recommended because a few nasty bugs have been resolved there.

If you have not yet purchased, then rush to the JASS-Shop in Second Life and upgrade there.

If you have allready upgraded to Primstar-2, then rush to your downlad link, download
the Primstar-2-dev-89.zip file and take care to watch the Installation&Update Video
BEFORE you install/update. It takes you 3 minutes to watch it, but it may save you Hours.
If you are on Wiondows, ensure that you install and update as Administrator (only needed, if you
used the program folder as installation folder for blender-2.57)!

Here are the fixes and new features for Primstar-2-dev-89:

Primstar-2-dev-89 on blender 2.57a:

  • IMPROVED: Changed icons for some UV Shapes to improve visual clues.
    You can vote for custom icons in Blender so we can make them better still!
  • NEW: Rasterize (grid_align)
  • FIX: Minimum number of allowed Faces during Creation checked
  • NEW: Baking in edit mode
  • IMPROVED: Baker shows incomplete Sculpties
  • NEW: Bake Sculpt Maps now remembers previous settings when recalled (saved in blend)
  • NEW: Prepared for Hotkey support
  • CHANGE: Keep Center -> Reset Origin
  • NEW: Allow stitching type to be changed on imports (may fix SculptStudio issues)
  • NEW: Library sculpts added. Attention, currently broken!!!
  • NEW: Ring and Cone Shape
  • NEW: Steps Shape With or without flattened Ends
  • FIX: Edge Loop deselect (blenderbug)

Important: When you instal/update Primstar-2, please make sure that you have read the
Installation Manual and you have seen the installation Video. That will save you some time.