We are going into video production again. However this time we want to make the videos on demand and not on what we think is needed. So here is your chance to influence what videos we will create first.

Please use the comment section below to list what you like to see from us most. Maybe you also add a short description so that we have a better understanding what you mean.

So far collected proposals in no intentional order. This does not mean that we will make all of them. But some of the proposals will be created for sure:


In production

  • Weighting Shoulders (Dresses, Tops, straps, …)



  • Beginning to end, simple clothes production (Bhakti, Ashley Banks)
  • Begin to End Tutorial for a creature (lehaab)
  • Complete tutorial for creating clothes (>CatsEyeNeb, TiraLangur, Debbie)
  • Clothing for male (Callin)
  • UV Unwrapping (Lee Lovenkraft, Shnurui)
  • Create an SL compatible UV-Map (Shnurui)
  • Creating texture maps (Annetia)
  • Fitted Mesh Clothing (Shnurui)
  • Createing Mesh with multiple UV Faces (Shnurui)


  • Basic rigging tutorial (mouseplay, Bob Wallace)
  • Rigging to A Posed devkits(Ashley Banks, Annetia)
  • Rigging a non-human face(NimaDoodleZ)
  • Rigging a custom face (NimaDoodleZ)
  • Alter to rest pose (coke)
  • Rigging an animal complete tutorial (CrossAura)
  • Converting between A Pose and T Pose (
  • Binding a creature (Arphaya)
  • Difference between POS and PIVOT Rigs (Meninx)
  • Rigging to attachment points
  • create bone offsets for deformers. (Ziel)


  • Weighting the Bum (CatsEyeNeb)
  • Weighting the Waist (CatsEyeNeb)
  • Weighting for sitting (CatsEyeNeb)
  • Weight Copy from meshes (CatsEyeNeb)
  • Weighting stiff items (CatsEyeNeb)
  • Weighting pockets buttons, etc.
  • Weighting cleavage CissyMarch)
  • weightpainting a non-human face(NimaDoodleZ)
  • weightpainting a custom face (NimaDoodleZ)
  • indepth weight painting tutorial (Renokun)


  • Multi character animations (Syn Anatine)
  • Beginning to end, simple animation.(Bhakti, Gianna)
  • Position-based animation (NimaDoodleZ)
  • Importing animations (Isoldel)
  • Animesh Animation (cube republic)
  • Uploading a BVH Animation (Isolde)

Trouble shooting

  • Avoid errors and fix issues (
  • Troubleshooting the mesh uploader (unleet)
  • Workarounds for common issues (CrossAura)
  • When a rig works in Blender but not in SL (Jkhu)
  • Avoid deformations when uploading to SL (diixer66)

General topics

  • Updating a rig to a newer rig version (Nalates)
  • Polycount reduction (unleet)
  • User Interface wlak through (CrossAura)
  • general tips and tricks (CrossAura)
  • Animesh primer, using avastar for non avatar meshes (cube republic)
  • Porting clothes to other devkits (Purrie)
  • Basic Introduction for how to work with Avastar (MsInterpreted, Darcio Daines)

Please add more proposals into the comment section below.
Thank you for any contribution!