Avastar-1.1-RC4 will be the last Release candidate before the next Avastar Release is published. Please report back any serious issues should you detect something that does not work as documented.

User Interface changes

Over the past weeks i have been reworking the Avastar user interface documentation. While i was doing the document updates i realised various little workflow issues with the Avastar panels. I believe that i fixed most of them by now.

Please note that Avastar now works best with Blender 2.71 as we have fully adopted the vertical Toolshelf Tabs by now.

A document for the Panel changes is available.

Reference docs (20 Help pages)

All 20 Help pages are now up to date with Avastar-1.1 The first Help page is add Avastar

All other pages can be opened from the tree view on the right sidebar in the Blog.

Help pages can be called by Avastar

When you are in Blender and yuo want to know what a specific Avastar function does, or how it has to be used, you can open the help page as follows:

  • RMB on the Button in the Blender user interface
  • Select Online Manual

This will open your default Internet Browser and navigate to the correct help page on our Blog.

Workflow document

The workflow documents are currently reworked to match Avastar-1.1 User interface. as soon as the Workflow documents are ready we will release Avastar-1.1.

Asking for Help

Please consider to download and test the Avastar-1.1-RC4 any issue that we overlooked and that can be fixed before release will be beneficial for all. Please follow our Blog news for last minute informations:

Have fun