We plan to release Avastar-1.1 on 1-october-2014. So we kindly ask everybody who wants to help to install the [avastar_addon_zip] from your Download page and test the new release.
We are pretty sure that most Bugs have been fixed up till now, but we still find new issues once in a while. So we invite you to help us finding Bugs. Because of that we offer a bounty…:

Get 5000 L$ for any approved Bug in Avastar

This Bounty runs until 30-september-2014. And here are the rules:

The bug must be documented in our Ticket System

Please describe your issue as detailed as you can. It is important that we can understand the problem. We only take care of reports in the ticket system. Nothing else counts. The first one to report a new bug wins.
  • Login to your Machinimatrix Account
  • Open the Ticket system 
  • Create your Report

The bug must be reproducible

Please send in a .blend file plus a description how to see the Problem. This must be reproducible  at any time. If we can not reproduce the Bug the report will get rejected.
  • Prepare a demo Blend file
  • Add a”howto get the bug” description.

The bug must be a new bug

There are a few known bugs and limitations. Sorry, we do not have a list though, so you need to trust us that we are not going to cheat on you with that.
This bounty is actually for finding bugs which must be fixed before Release. So limitatins apparently are not on our List for now.

The bug must get approval from us

We will mark it in the ticket system as approved. Or we reject it with a well documented reasoning.
  • Wait for our approval. We will add a note to the Report.

Blender Bugs are not counted

If it turns out that you found a bug in blender, this is not counted as Avastar bug
Sometimes it can be argumented to be either an Avastar Bug or a blender Bug. So if we fix something to work around a Blender Bug, we will count it as a valid Bug for the Bounty.

Note: You need to have a valid Avastar License.

You will receive your money as soon as the bug is approved.