I found a proposal for a new stackexchange project

3D Graphics, Modeling & Animation

What is it?

Stackexchange is a community driven question&answer site which typically has very good quality contributions. The project i mentioned is in the state of “proposal”, so it does not yet exist.

Especially because it is a tool independent project and in particular it allows talk about commercial software as well. So Maya, Z-Brush etc. are welcome topics there.

However it seems to be a good project that could fit well as a platform for Second Life Content Creators.

But also Avastar and Primstar can hopefully find a place in that community.

What can i do ?

If you think this Stackexchange project is good for all of us, then please just follow the link above, and

  • Register,
  • Add up to 5 sample questions (optional),
  • Vote up to 5 existing samples up as it makes sense for you,
  • And comment on questions as you like.

Note: The main task is get 40 questions with 10 Votes or more. When this has been achieved, then the project enters the evaluation phase and goes life. So you should consider to favorise questions which have almost 10 votes and you should not vote questions which have 10 votes.

If this project can get to live we might have a very good platform for gaining knowledge.

As a sidenote

There is also blender.stackexchange.com which i personally likeĀ  and use a lot. But after talking to the Blender team we felt that it is a bad idea to address Avastar-related topics at blender.stackexchange.com

I hope this is a helpful thing. And in case you do, then i thank you in advance for participating.