Avastar-1.2 fully supports Fitted Mesh and has a bunch of improvements regarding the user interface. Avastar-1.2 has been tested on Blender 2.70 . It can run on newer Blender versions. It should run on Blender versions down to 2.66 but this has not been tested.

Download: [avastar_addon_zip]


This version supports Liquid mesh. It provides the Collision Volumes and it allows to weight the bones and export them. So Avastar-1.0 is technically able to create fitted mesh as well. However, it does not support the PEC bones, the BACK bones, the HANDLES and the BUTT.

Download: avastar-1-0_Blender_2.65_to_2.69.zip

Note: Avastars-1.0 does not run on Blender 2.70 and newer and it does not provide full slider support.