The Non Human Character riging course is finally available. We have put big effort into this course to make it as easy understandable as possible, yet very detailed  to cover as many topics as possible. Unfortunately we could not get all videos finished in time, but we are working on them to get them out as soon as possible. Here is a short overview:


This course takes you into the details of the Avastar Rig:

  • Deep understanding of the Armature Data properties
  • Full description of the Avastar Rig
  • Complete rigging of a Horse including IK fixes.
  • A horse mesh to work with
  • Free course updates whenever they appear


  1. Skeleton structure
  2. The story of Bones(reviewed, Video in production)
  3. Bone Roll (Introduction)(reviewed, Video in production)
  4. Modify the Rig(reviewed,Video missing)
  5. Fixing Bone Roll(reviewed,Video missing)
  6. Fixing IK Targets(currently reviewed)
  7. Skinning(currently reviewed)

We believe the course is doable within 7 working days.