We have just released another update for Primstar-2.

If you have already installed Primstar-2, then rush to your downlad link, download
the Primstar-2-dev-90.zip file and install it or update it over the existing add-on. There
is no need to deinstall anything beforehand!

IMPORTANT for windows users:

If you use your standard program folder for installing blender, then please
ensure that you install and update as Administrator!
Otherwise Blender will silently fail to install/update the add-On module.

Here are the fixes and new features for Primstar-2-dev-90:

Primstar-2-dev-90 on blender 2.57a:

  • FIX: Library sculpts create errors during bake.
  • IMPROVED: INSTALL.txt now contains quick update instructions

Important: When you install/update Primstar-2, please make sure that you have read the
Installation Manual and you have seen the installation Video. That will save you some time.