Hello, all;

We have prepared our Blog for multi-language support. We will continue to create all new documents in english language and we have already started to translate documents to german language. Currently we only plan to support multiple language support for Primstar-2. The decision to provide all our content in multi language will be taken in a few weeks depending on how it works for the Primstar-2 subset.

If you are interested in helping us to translate the Primstar-2 documentation into other languages, then please call us for more infos.
Our first goal is to fully cover following languages:

  • English (always the base document from where to translate)
  • German (Gabriele Drechsler,  Almut Brunswick )
  • French (Erasme Beck)
  • Italian (SLB Wirefly, Sarabell Jansma)
  • Spanish (Aki GoldenRiver)
  • Portuguese (Vulture Bravin – portugal, Dandara Swords – brazil)
  • Polish (Identity Euler)

If you are interested, then please contact me:

  • via SL IM (Gaia Clary)
  • email  gaia.clary@machinimatrix.org

Notes for editors

It is also very important that you do never change the pages directly by just editing them out of the viewer (“Edit Page” button) . Please always go to the “Translation Interface” in the admin section first. From there edit the document you want to change. If you are unsure, then …

Please watch the new translation video . If possible please take 3 minutes to check the new way to proceed.

Important: The translation tool maintains the links automatically. If you change them, the tool gets totally confused. To fix this problem once and forever (hopefully) please check that your translations contain only absolute links (use HTML mode to see them) and always insert links to the english document (master document). Only then the translation tool knows what to do!

Right now it is almost impossible to resign in a clean way from a translation job. So once assigned to a document you will keep responsible for it. We still try to find a way how to get this sorted out. We have sent a feature request to the software creators. They promised to add that feature 😉