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Face Normals

[PS-Youtube id=”owKVrnTAn3M” w=”320″ h=”206″] I show you how Face Normals are used for lighting (flat faces) and how that afects the display wihtin a game engine (OpenSim or similar online...

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Vertex Normals

[PS-Youtube id=”E9APc-AVp0g” w=”320″ h=”206″] I show you the difference between flat shading(face normals) and smooth shading (vertex normals) and how that affects the display within a game...

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Upload a rigged Mesh to SL

The Video explains: How to import a rigged Mesh to SL, OpenSim or similar online worlds. How to use an Alpha mask for hiding the default character How to use image textures to texturise your character. Potential problems with...

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