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This Video explains how to use the Blender Mask Modifier to create an Alpha mask for a Rigged mesh fromOpenSim or similar online worlds


Hello and welcome to a quick tip for creating an Alpha mask for a Second Life Avatar. I assume you have a uv unwrapped Avatar body at hand. You can use the Avastar character or the character from the Avatar-workbench. The shape of the avatar does not matter.

  1. open your mesh in edit mode.
  2. Select all faces which you want to keep visible.
  3. Create a new vertex group and assign the selected vertices with weight 1. Then select all vertices.
  4. Add a mask modifier and assign the just created vertex group to the modifier. Check that the mask works as expected.
  5. open the UV editor, or go to the UV screen layout..
  6. Create a new image with Alpha channel..
  7. open the render settings and bake the texture..
  8. transport the image to Second Life and create your alpha mask..

Thank you for watching.