Good news – Bad news

The good news is: We are almost ready to deliver. Avastar is mostly working on Blender 2.80 and it works even better on Blender 2.81. We are still doing a lot of tests to make sure whatever you will get will be stable, fast and awesome.

The bad news is: It will take a bit longer than we thought. There are basically two reasons for delay:

  • Blender itself has a few small issues which causes parts of Avastar to not work as intended. The most apparent issue is within the auto-FK where you can grab a bone in POSE mode and drag it around while the rig is moving along with your change. This actually works, but the 3D Viewport does not update correctly so you will see all sorts of odd deformations while dragging the bone. But there are more hidden issues which make parts of Avastar behave in odd ways.
  • The Blender Animation system appears to work a bit different which apparently slows down the Avastar Slider system. Our attempt to make the sliders fast again worked mostly, but it also revealed one very big issue in Avastar itself, which causes the sliders to possibly behave badly when the rig is scaled and when you work with custom rigs.

Our next steps

  • We will take another look at Avastar 2.79 and release an update to get rid of a few bad issues which popped up recently.
  • We will take a much closer look at the Avastar sliders and get rid of the dark zones in it, those areas where nobody knows why they work at all in first place.
  • Public Tests do not make much sense at this point of time. Because of that the public testing phase of Avastar 2.80 will be delayed for about a month.
  • We add an extra 6 months of support coverage to everybody who purchased Avastar or renewed the support subscription for Avastar after 1-june-2019. This extension also applies to any purchase from today on until we release Avastar 2.80

Note: For daily news please join our Discord channel #chatter

Note also: We currently can not tell when the migration will be done. We try our best.