Primstar-2-dev-246 on Blender 2.61:

The December update contains following changes:

  1. IMPROVED: Name of Zip file now contains minimum Blender Version
  2. FIX: Object naming not working in enter edit mode
  3. FIX: Adding multiple UV Shapes to same Object creates broken UV maps
  4. FIX: UV Shapes with U/V < 4 now possible
  5. IMPROVED: Improved warning message on Addon panel
  6. IMPROVED: UVTex layer renamed to ‘texture map’
  7. FIX: Update image editor when bake to Image
  8. FIX: UVTex now renamed to “texture map”
  9. FIX: Divide by Zero error when baking planes in multi part bakes.

 Please also check out the 4 new Reference videos for Primstar-2.

!!! Remind: This is an early access version !!!

Remind that Primstar-2 is not yet fully developed! When you install the module, then you will find an appropriate notification in the module details:

The warning will be removed when the final Primstar-2 release is published (and you will find it in your update folder as a regular update as soon as it is available)

Change Details:

  • We have added the lowest Blender Version number on which the package runs to the package name. Please update your Blender to at least this version (Blender 2.59 for now). Otherwise the package might not work.
  • If you want to see Multi language support then you must update to Blender 2.6
  • If you want to see Operator Preset, than you need to get a Blender with revision > 41833, or wait for Blender 2.61
  • If you want to see the same user interface as within the Primstar reference videos, you must update to Blender 2.61

Please always check for changes in the
Primstar-2 documentation!

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  • I want to buy Primstar-2:
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