Hello, all;

We have been working for a while on a relaunch of this website. We first thought it would take us only a couple of days to switch, but unfortunately it took us more than a month to get the new website done. But i hope the site is now better to navigate and easier to understand.

Important changes

  • We have added a Shop service which currently only contains Avastar and Primstar. But more will come soon (we have a prepared a subscription offer, a course and some additional content for purchase).
  • The website is now ready for Mobile devices. We hope you now can enjoy surfing on our website with your cellphone 🙂
  • We have dropped the Forums and will replace them soon by a better alternative. It is not clear yet if we can keep the old forum information available.
  • Unfortunately all users who have registered to the Blog during the last 4 weeks will have to redo the registration. We do apologize for this and we hope you will nevertheless like the new site.