Dear Avastar user;

For Avastar 1.6 we have set up a new documentation website

The Avastar 1.6 Documentation

We want to make this documentation easier to read and more complete than ever before. We invite you to help us with this task:

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Get the Avastar-1.6 test release

The Addon is in the_archive folder within your

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It is YOUR tool, you can tell us about any features that you miss!

Review the documentation.

Send in your detailed review as a ticket to

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It is YOUR documentation, you can tell us what you miss!


The first 10 tickets that help improve(*) the documentation,
each receive a prize of

L$ 5000

Please add you Avatar name to the Ticket to get the prize!


(*): A list of typos is not enough. But information about chapters with brief descriptions of what you want to see in the chapter is very helpful. Also when you enter multiple tickets, then they still are counted as one contribution.