You have created a Mesh Development kit for creating clothes for your Mesh Avatar? Would you like your customers to know if your kit works with Avastar?

We will set up a list of the names of all development kits which have proved to be working with Avastar. Your kit can be mentioned on that page as well and, if you provide a link, your customers can be directed to where to find or apply for your Dev Kit.

If you would like to help your customers, who use Avastar to create rigged clothing, then please consider helping us set up the compatibility page.  In that case, please tell us about your kit. You either can add a comment to this page, or

And please provide this information:

  • Name (Brand) of your mesh character
  • Name of your Development Kit
  • URL to your Website (if you have)
  • Avatar name of your support avatar (if you have)
  • Marketplace URL (if you have)
  • How do you distribute the kit? (as .dae or .blend or .obj , …)
  • Do you provide a blend file especially made for Avastar ?
  • Feel free to add any additional comments as you like

If you like you can also send us your development kit for inspection. We will never redistribute your development kit! But we might add your kit to our internal release tests and inform you if (and how) your kit needs to be fixed for a new Avastar release.

Thanks for your help.