Today we had a true breakthrough on the Avastar-1.1. I believe that Fitted mesh is finally almost working precisely enough with the Avastar-1.1 Shape Sliders (If you want to use the latest Avastar then you must use Blender 2.70a.  Avastar-1.1 is still in the alpha stage.  To be up to date, always use the highest numbered Avastar which at this time is avastar-1.1-alpha-34_blender-2-70 (which can be found in the main inventory area and in the test folder of your download page).  Please review the changelogs and check this page frequently for newer updates.). The goal was always to provide Shape Sliders in Avastar which show the same behavior as the corresponding shape sliders in SL. And it looks like we are there by now.

Let me show you some details:

  • I have taken a default female Avastar character as it was generated by our Addon.
  • I converted this character into a mesh character by moving the mBone weights to the cBones and generating weights automatic from bone for the remaining Collision Volumes (which have no counterpart in the mBones)
  • I did not optimize any weights

This is not about making the most beautiful fitted mesh project. It is about comparing what we get in SL to what we get in Avastar. So if our mesh looks the same in both systems, then we have matched the goal to get a true “What You See Is What You Get” enironment. And i believe we have made it by now. see the following 2 images:

This is the the mesh character with the Avastar sliders attached (on the left) and imported to SL and worn with the default shape (on the right):


Click to zoom in

This is the default mesh character with one of my test shapes in Avastar (on the left) and with the same shape worn in SL:


Click to zoom in

The Mesh characters have been made with Avastar-1.1-1022 (the newest testversion is available in the testversions subfolder of your download page)

But the most important point here is that you even can take the gnome in SL and wear it with your default shape. Then you will get back the default fitted mesh character without distortions.