Hi all.

We have been running our Blog for about 2 years now and we are happy to report that we had almost 200,000 page hits, over 40,000 Video downloads and about 600 user comments within that time. As of today we get about 100 visitors per day and see about 3500 Video downloads per month. So we want to thank you for your ongoing and even increasing interest by leveraging our Blog to a new level of usability. However this will not happen in a big bang attempt. But today we have taken the first step:

Since today we are running our own Bloghost. And your immediate benefits are already visible:

  • The new Bloghost is about 5 times faster
  • All of our videos have been resized (scaled up) to a size of 640 * 480
  • Now all videos can be switched to full screen mode

But there is more to come.

Until then enjoy the new site and have fun.
Gaia et. al.