A few weeks ago we have added a new Download manager for our customer’s benefits. The new download manager will eventually replace the old download pages. You can access the new manager from your existing download page. However you need to create an account on the Machinimatrix Blog in order to get access to the manager.

But this has not happened yet!

Especially we did not remove any of your download links. So you can continue accessing your products as before.

However we encourage you to switch to the new download manager soon, because in the future this will become the only way to get updates for your products.

Where is it ?

The easiest way to the new Download manager is by opening the old download page and then follow the instructions given there. Should you have lost the bookmark to your download page then please read the article lost my download link

Benefits of the new Download Manager

Here are the benefits which you will get from the new download manager:

  • You get free updates for your purchased products
  • You get to your download page as soon as you are logged in.
  • Your downloads get protected from illegal redistribution
  • You can merge download pages (should you have purchased from different ALT avatars, or from SL and paypal)
  • You can transfer product licenses to other users
  • You get access to free promotion content as it becomes available
  • You get access to our new SL premium chat group “avastar support” (in preparation)
  • You get a webform for asking for professional support (in preparation)

Why would you not want to switch ?

If you have any complains then please feel free to tell us about your concerns in the comments section below. We will take your words serious and use your input to improve our services for getting the highest possible user satisfaction.