Primstar-2-dev-283 ready for Blender 2.64:

This Primstar-2 update introduces a workaround for a Bug in Second Life concerning LSL-based Sculptie generators.:

  1. FIX: Fixed problems with linking parts in Second Life
  2. FIX: LSL scripts with many parts can get heap/stack collision problems
  3. IMP: For multipart bakes the baker no longer rebakes already baked images.

When you find a Bug

  1. Send us your blend file
  2. Add a short description about:
    – what you try to do
    – how it fails for you.
  3. email to
  4. Send a reminder if you think
    that your request was ignored.

!!! Remind: This is an early access version !!!

Remind that Primstar-2 is not yet fully developed! When you install the module, then you will find an appropriate notification in the module details:

The warning will be removed when the final Primstar-2 release is published (and you will find it in your update folder as a regular update as soon as it is available)

Where is the Download ?

Please check in the FAQ.

Change Details:

Recently Linden Labs introduced a new issue concerning the linking of new created Prims. We have found a workaround for Primstar-2. You may notice that the Primstar-generator sometimes makes little jumps like hickups. that’s on purpose. When that happens then the generator location was moved a bit and then returned to its original location, therefore i named it the “hick…up” fix.

Please always check for changes in the
Primstar-2 documentation!

  • I already purchased Primstar-2:
    You find the new update in your Jass-Inventory folder.
  • I purchased another Jass product:
    If you have already purchased Jass-Pro or Jass-Magic, then your old purchase gets fully taken into account.
  • I want to buy Primstar-2:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Primstar-2 vendor.

More Questions ?

Ask Gaia Clary in Second Life, or send email to

Have Fun

Gaia & Domino