Avastar-1-RC4-821 (fix for 812)

Important: In Avastar-812 there was a major bug and a compatibility issue with older releases. I just have fixed the known issues and replaced the download. Sorry for the inconvenience. This page still fully applies. So now hopefully this is indeed our final Release candidate for Avastar-1.0. There will be a few things to be cleaned up still, but hopefully no more bug fixes. We have added some more usability improvements and a normals welding option for the Collada exporter. More details see below.


  • Adjust: Blender Version recognition for 2.67
  • Fix: use bmesh API only for Blender > 2.66 (affects 817)
  • New: Added function to find duplicate vertices
  • Fix: Improved compatibility to older Blender versions (affects 812)
  • Imp: Moved Mesh Info into its own panel.
  • Imp: Toolshelf cleaned up
  • Imp: Make Avastar run more fluently when non Avastar rigs are used.
  • Imp: Added bone Preset buttons for Weighting andAnimating
  • Fix: Freeze did not work when armature was renamed.
  • Imp: Added dynamic display of statistic data when mesh is in edit mode
  • New: Added mesh calculator
  • Imp: Improved design of mesh info panel
  • New: Added materials check tool (wip)
  • Imp: Show freeze tool only when there is something to be frozen (sanitise toolshelf)
  • Imp: Added Eyetarget to its own layer and make it invisible by default
  • Imp: Moved Collada into own panel. Added Costs display and triangle count
  • Imp: Export speed is much faster (the normals exporter had a serious performance leak)
  • New: Added suport for progress bar
  • Imp: Collada exporter now warns for texture copy issues (failed copies no longer stop the export, but create a more informative warning popup)
  • Imp: Reject normalize of meshes with zero_weighted vertices
  • Fix: Copy weights failed for ngons
  • New: Added Avastar custom template file (experimental, minor changes expected)
  • New: Added welding of normals along adjacent object boundaries (to avoid visual seems on the Avastar character)
  • Fix: Mirror weight copy on bone level did not copy



  • Templates for improved quickstart
  • Complete rework of the Toolshelf buttons
  • Initial mesh LI calculator (work in progress)
  • Normal welding of boundary seams during Collada export

Unresolvable bugs (not fixed for Avastar-1.0):

  • The Spine attachment bone has a wrong orientation. Thus attachment animations of the aSpine bone will turn the bone upside down. Only the aSpine bone is affected. For all other bones animations work just fine. No workaround known.


  • Finish the Download weights calculator
  • Add the Physics Weight calculator
  • Comple the Documentation
  • Review (and partially redo) the existing videos

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Where is the Download ?

  • I lost my download link:
    Please check in the FAQ.
  • I already purchased Avastar-1:
    You find the new update in your Product Download folder.
  • I want to buy Avastar-1:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Avastar-1 vendor.

Important notes:

  • We believe that we have fixed all known issues (except the unresolvable bug as indicated above) with Avastar by now. However please continue reporting any issues. Every test case can help us to isolate new problems.

  • We have tested the new Avastar update on the development version of Blender. Avastar should now run on all Blender versions from 2.62 up to 2.66a.