We proudly present a significantly improved Terrain support: Now you can make a terrain out of any 3D Mesh Object. Playground for unlimited creativity guaranteed.

Primstar-2-dev-197 on Blender 2.59:

Change Details:

  • Adaptions for Blender 2.6 (If you use Bklender-2.60-RC you must update NOW!)
  • Improved Terrain Exporter for arbitrary mesh based Terrain objects (can export virtually any object as Terrain, see our new video tutorial: Terrain with Ant )

Users who have already purchased Primstar-2:

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Users who would like to buy Primstar-2:

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Important Note for Purchasers from the Jass-Shop: If you have already purchased Jass-Pro or Jass-Magic, then your old purchase gets fully taken into account.

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