JASSLibrary – The basic lib of Sculpts



The Basic lib of Sculpts is a submodule of the “Jass-distribution“, a sculptie-studio based on Primstar. The library provides a set of basic sculpted prim template objects for content-creators of “sculpted prims”. It contains a Library-browser for quick access to the templates.

The JASSlibrary is compatible with Blender 2.46 or newer. For further information on sculpties, please refer to the Sculptie Wiki .

The list of available sculptie templates

All Sculpties are LOD resistant standard shapes having 1024 faces in a 32*32 mesh:

  • – Tube
  • – Tetrahedron
  • – Pyramid
  • – Prism
  • – Cylinder (hemi)
  • – Cube
  • – Cone
  • – Cone (hemi)

The Basic workflow

You can get access to the sculpties as follows:

  1. Add -> Mesh -> “JASS Basic lib of Sculpts”
  2. From the selector box select the template you want
  3. Sculpt your object as needed with blender’s tools
  4. Render -> “Bake SL sculpties”

Creating your own Sculptie templates

The template sculpties are located in lib/lib-basic.blend So you are free to add your own templates to that lib. I will update the library with new templates as they arrive. If you like, send me your sculptie templates (i only need the sculpt-maps!). for my EMail adress see below.

Please note that the file lib-basic.blend is not distributed under a GPL license. You are not allowed to redistribute that file or any other data file which is included in the package.

Problems/questions ?

It probably is best to ask in the SL Forums for help. But feel free to send me a note in SL (send to “Gaia Clary”). Please describe in brief detail what you want me to look at. I will respond when i am in world the next time. Or send me an email and possibly add your .blend file so that i can better answer your question. My email adress is:


have fun