We sometimes hear people shouting out in frustration that this or that “doesn’t work for me”. Many users often think its just their problem, but in reality knowing how you use the software, and have a failure, can help us to improve it.  Thus, you might benefit in two ways by sending us a bug report:

First, you need to fully inspect the problem, by trying to recreate it,
and if it reoccurs, explain it to us.

You need to do this because we must know what exactly happens when you run into your problem.  If the problem happens again, this time, you should have taken note of what you did and will be able to fully tell us the steps you took and what happened or didn’t.   And honestly, in many cases, you find the reason for the “doesn’t work for me” just by trying to explain what exactly does not work with the second run-through.

We gain knowledge about inconsistencies…
and outdated documentation when you tell us, in detail, about the problems you’ve run into or where you couldn’t find information you needed.  Then we know where to fix things in order to make you struggle less. So sending us “does not work for me” reports has benefits for you and us as well.  Please take the time and send them to us:

Please place your report into our
Avastar Ticket System