We just received a deadly critique from a Youtube user. While we had such comments in the past this one addresses a few issues that we want to get sorted out for sure. Here is the copy of the comment from the user. If you think you are affected, please check our suggestions below the comment. I edited the comment a bit for better readability, but i kept the wording unchanged.

Comment from lamodenior

If you have been on the internet for as long as you been on it you should know what (Shaking my head) smh is.

Why would I give YOU a list when it’s YOUR business and responsibly (so figure it out…probably the same people you ignore in these comments as well lmao), and I’m not ratting out any of my friends or others I know for your amusement.

Many are happy without Avastar but the one’s like other’s I know who do need it are in deed newbies and I’m sure not willing to pay an arm and leg for using a product they surely may waste their time and money on in the end for something which could been recalculated at a different pricing. And I’m pretty sure as many people who actually need Avastar for blender, even 5k of the many repurchases start to add up hun.

Especially when you sustain enough profit over years from thousands of creators. Lets not pretend, like profit has not yet sustained well of that amount from beginning in order to maintain Avasatar and the site. The theivory is the idea that you are STILL after how many years charging beginner mesher slians 10k for a program which thousands have purchased for majority of all year, and you STILL can’t come down on your pricing.

On a business perspective, there are other options like you said, thus is why people should avoid this trap all together. For those also reading, there are wayyyy better meshing programs then trash ass blender to use for meshing. Don’t fall into this pit and waste more l’s. Most programs which you can trial for months and some years for free, thats more then enough time to learn basics or mesh whatever before making a new account. Instead of this scam. Be blessed <3


For a complete understanding of what the user means in detail, please lookup the entire discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_kcfFOI0TM

Search the comment titled: “All this damn money you’re thieving us”

Here is what i offer to whoever is affected:

  • If you have asked for a refund but you never got a response, please contact us. We take any request for refund very serious and we never rejected any request so far.
  • If you believe that Avastar is a Scam or if it is too expensive or not fit for purpose, whatever, please tell us about this. We will either fix issues, fix documentation, or refund you, whatever works best for YOU on a case by case basis.
  • If you are a user who feels like cheated into purchasing Avastar and you found yourself uncomfortable with this, please accept our apologize. And please get back to us and ask for getting refunded. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. We always have been very open on refunding.

I hope that i can convince all those who feel treated badly by us that this is not on purpose. We will do everything that is possible to make you feel comfortable again. Please contact us.