We have created a bundle of videos containing the Blender Primer and the 4 basic Sculptie Tutorials for download in High Quality. You can get the Download-link from the Jass-Shop. (Or look for “Jass Shop” in SL search) Instead of streaming the videos and wasting your bandwidth you now can grab all 5 basic videos once and watch them in full HDI quality whenever you like.

  1. The Blender Primer ( 18:09 minutes)
  2. Sculpted Prims I (11:57 minutes)
  3. Sculpted Prims II (12:54 minutes)
  4. Sculpted Prims III (21:36 minutes)
  5. Sculpted Prims IV (41:01 minutes)

All videos are delivered in HDI-quality. Please prepare for 500 MBytes of Download volume. Download has been tested with Firefox and IE8.

The Machinimatrix Team