We have added 3 areas into the JAZZ Shop where we would love to expose your promotional content. So if you have something to show, either just for fun or for commercial purpose, then this will be for you.

Who is entitled to take this offer?

A: Everybody is entitled

What am i allowed to show?

A: All content that is related to Avatar creations and applies to following rules:

  1. The content is either entirely made by you, or based on legal content. You have all licenses to show the content and forward the content to us so that we can show it in our Shop without fearing to get a take down request.
  2. A major part of the content has been created with Avastar.
  3. The content applies to “G” rating (General rating, no adult content)
  4. The content is well done(has reasonable polygon count, no apparent topology errors, reasonable texturing)
  5. No scripts please! For item giver or linking to your Shop see below.

For Development Kit creators: We can expose your mesh dummy here.

Can i use the Showroom for selling my items?

A: Basically no. This offer is to show what you have created, it is not a shopping mall. However we offer to add a tp link to your shop in SL, and/or a hyperlink to your shop on the Web. Also an item giver can be installed  which would give a notecard or demo items to interested users.

How much does it cost?

A: At the moment this is a free offer. However we might change this at some point in the future. Although it is very unlikely that we will go into a rent a shop business.

So what next?

Please prepare a notecard that explains in short words what you have to show. Add the items into the notecard and send the notecard to Gaia Clary in Second Life.

I have more questions, where can i ask?

A: Please add your specific question into the comment section at the bottom of this page.