How we did it over the past 4 years

The personal Download Link…

When you purchase a product from Machinimatrix, then we give you a personal link to your purchased products. Over the last 4 years we proposed to bookmark this link so that you can:

  • Download your purchases after hardware crash or after switching to a new Computer
  • Receive Product updates as they become available

and its caveats…

While this approach works fairly well for most people, we found that sometimes it just does not work as nice as it is supposed to be. For example

  • Users have purchased with a different Avatar
  • User’s Paypal account changes over time
  • Users have published their download link to give “free” access to people who did not purchase our products.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult and time consuming to get back the original download link. This is neither appreciated by the users nor by us. So we needed to solve this…

A new approach: Account Based Download

Your Personal Account…

We now offer a regular web account on our Website, where you can log in and find your own product folder. The benefits of this are:

  • No need to bookmark your download page
  • Easy recovery from lost password.
  • The Web account is independent from your SL Avatar or your Paypal account.

needs to be setup manually…

But there is one thing that we can not provide, that is:

We currently can not find out which purchase belongs to which account. So there is one activity that you have to do manually:

You have to register your purchases manually.

Manual Registration needed

We have been trying to automate this as much as possible and we have still a few ideas how to improve, but for now you need to do a manual registration. However this is really made easy for you. Below you find a 4 Steps user guide.
Note: Since Tuesday 7 October 2014 you only get the newest product files. However if you switch to the new account based system, then you will get back the access to the product archive.

How to switch to the new account based System

Welcome to the Avalab!

To access your add-on downloads, please:

  • Log in to your existing account, or
  • Create a new one.

It‘s quick and easy!
Once logged in, you’
ll find all the tools to manage
your account and link your SL purchases.

Existing Users: Login Here …

Important: The purchase of a product does not create an account!
If you forgot your Login Data, you can create a new account (see above).

Get Started: Create a New Account …

Note: If you already have an account on our Website, then please open the next tab right below this box (see “Login to Existing Account”) and login from there.

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

What are my benefits when i create an account?

– Permanent access to your downloads
– Permanent access to the Product archive
– Early Access to Beta versions
– Automatic password recovery via EMail


– You can use any account name you like.
– Please assign your purchases to your account (see below)

You must login before you can organize your purchases.

I have another issue

Forgot Account Info? Click Here

Sometimes it happens. You had setup an account in a hurry months ago.
Now you need the account again but you forgot the account id and/or which email address you used.

You just forgot your password

You remember the Paypal email with which you purchased

You remember the Avatar who purchased from the Jass Shop

  • Create a new account and follow the advise for registering your products.