Hi there.

This is a bit of our future plans that we plan based on the feedback that we got over the last 18 months while we where busy with developing Avastar-1.2:

Stop Frequent updates

Avastar has been updated about 50 times over the last 18 months. All these updates where development updates. Our idea was to provide the newest that we have as soon as possible.

However, while many users appreciated this, at least as many users have become confused about the updates.
In the future we will no longer provide development upgrades to the public. we will restrict our publishing only to Release candidates.

Freeze the user Interface

Avastar has been improved a lot. Many changes – especially in the User Interface – have been added, then later changed or even removed again over the last 18 months. Our idea was to develop a consistent User interface that was easy to use and properly labelled. So we did experiment a lot.

However, while we think that all changes are well thought and necessary, some users complained about this and advised us to keep with the old interfaces.
Avastar-1.2 is a stable release regarding user interface. Unless we find a serious issue with the interface, there will be no more changes in the future of Avastar-1. Of course when Blender changes its User Interface, we can not do anything to prevent Avastar from showing the Blender changes as well.

Update Outdated Movies

We planned to keep videos up to date over the last 18 months. But the development changes have been so many and so frequently that changing the videos would have taken much more time than Implementing the software. So we decided to only make development videos until Avastar-1.2 is out. And of course development Videos get outdated right after they got published…
The Avastar Videos will be updated from now on. However this remains a task that is done whenever there is time to do it. So please do not expect the videos to get updated over night. we have about 50 videos to rework.

Create New Movies

we have a stack of requests for movies. However creating a movie takes a lot of time (for us). So we can not create new movies over night.
You can expect to see new movies for new Avastar features first. However we always can be talked into creating a Tip Top tool Tip. Please add a video request into our Q&A page. there you also can let vote up your request. We take care of votes.

Add New Features

Currently we do not plan to add new features to Avastar-1
However, please add a feature request into our Q&A page. There you also can let vote up your request. We take care of votes.

to be continued…