I am very excited by now. I am getting closer to the finishing of the Jass-2 shop. Here is a preview of the half finished area. I hope to be able to get the details done until end of this week. You can expect to see the download-vendor for Jass-2 premium and i was pushed by some friends to add a prefab box for builders. I am afraid that my wineglas tutorial will be late and won’t be ready for the shop opening. But i just decided to release another tutorial about how to make the lamps on the image here. It is not even about sculpted prims, but i guess, it is still interesting and fun to watch.

Apologize that i can not publish a “shop opening date”. I simply can not say, how long it will take, except that it will take longer than expected.
That’s all for now. We are keeping busy as usual and i will shout out loud when we are going to open.