Dear customers;

After several months of looking for how to best support Fitted Mesh we are finally are at a point where we get close to a new Release. So we made Avastar-1.1-alpha available from your Avastar Download folder.

But note, this is still “only” an Alpha Release. And that means in detail:

  • We provide the Addon “as is”.
  • We actually do not give full support.
    However, if possible we will help you, but you can not insist on getting help.
  • The Addon may contain bugs.
  • And it is possible that the final Avastar-1.1 release is not compatible with this alpha release
  • The Avastar-1.1 documentation is not ready.
  • Fitted Mesh works nicely now, but Avastar is not yet a 100% “what you see is what you get” tool. We are still working on this in particular.

Having said what all is not available yet, i can ensure you that the part that IS available works nicely.

Please consider to try Avastar-1.1 Alpha and help us making the final release even more robust by giving us feedback of any kind. Just add a comment here. It will be seen!


The Machinimatrix Team

Gaia, Eleanora, Optimo