Primstar-2 Status

Primstar-2’s sculptie features are almost complete! We are planning an early adopters program that’s installable on the official blender-2.57 Release. Of course this only has a small subset of the full features of Primstar-2 but is certainly enough to consider migrating to Blender 2.5.

Currently we have the following features implemented:

Sculptie Creation:

  • Basic shapes creation (plane,cylinder,sphere,torus,hemi)
  • U and V rotation on wrapped shapes (shifts the seams)
  • Support for oblongs (sculptmap ratios n:m)
  • Import from File (includes all basic shape creations settings)
  • Two UV Layouts (for sculpt map and texture)


  • Single sculpt map baking (produces optimised and finalised map)
  • alpha channel preview (improved version)

Additional sculptie features we are currently working on (available when done):

  • Support for tiny sculpts (color range settings)
  • Multi object bakes (with optimised and aligned options)
  • Keep center (for both single and multi object bakes)
  • Build import and export (multi prim import and export)

We also have planned to support the creation, import and export of mixed builds, which may contain full textured regular prims and sculpted prims. The details about how mixed builds can be imported to Second Life (or other compatible environments) are not yet fixed.

We are aiming to be ready to release the feature complete version against Blender 2.60 but please understand that we can not yet guarantee that. We are to some degree dependant on the Blender Foundation to implement required features in Blender and until those are done, not everything we have planned can be implemented.

Primstar-2 Early Adopters Program

Shortly after the availability of Blender-2.57 we will offer access to the development version of Primstar-2. This development version is by no means feature complete and it will be given to you at your own risk and with minimal support. Nevertheless you may report problems and suggestions and we will be all ears.

The development release will be available from the JASS-Shop in Second Life. You will get a permanent Link to the software. You will find all future updates of the development release under that link and the final release will be handed out as soon as it is available.

The following is included with the early adopters program:

  • Get primstar-2 development release shortly after availability of blender-2.57
  • Get primstar-2 final release when ready
  • Get Jass-Magic for free now (needs blender-2.49b)
  • Get all upcoming Primstar-2 related basic Jass-training tutorials for download in HDI quality.
  • Buying now will directly support the development and documentation work!

Pricing for Early Adopters Program

Get 1000 L$ discount on final price(*):

  • New customer (6000 L$)
  • Jass-Pro customer (4000 L$) upgrade fee
  • Jass-Magic customer (2000 L$) upgrade fee

This offer will end one month before Primstar-2 will be officially released.

(*): The final price for Primstar-2 will be 7000 L$