Everything you find in the Blender Cloud is free and open
That goes for data, assets, scripts, software, movies, tutorials, and so on. We’re building  the world’s largest Creative Commons collection for 3d artists.


All content in the Cloud will be free for commercial reuse(*).
It will be shared under the CC BY 40 license!

(*) This does not include logos, personal fotos, brands, etc.

So you can take the Gooseberry characters, recreate them for Second life, put them on the SL market place…

Isn’t that enough to support this project ?

Ok, then there are 11 training DVD’s (7 of them already uploaded and available) and all Open movies (Already available: Sintel, TOS, Caminandes, The Gooseberry teaser production)

Just go and subscribe to the Blender Cloud and get back your benefit now or in a couple of months when the Gooseberry film project continues creating its assets in the cloud…

Please consider to support the Gooseberry project! Now!