Hi, all;

When i started to test Jass-Magic for the first time on a multi part project with 17 sculpties (the dragon fly from the Jass-Magic-Video ), i was totally fascinated from watching the new baker checking here for mirrored objects, there finding out inside out problems on the fly, keeping the objects in place and reporting me 13 automatically applied fixes at the end of the “Render -> Quick Bake Sculpt Meshes…”:

Yes it was a bit slower, maybe 30% so the bake took about 7 seconds with jass-magic compared to 5 seconds when using jass-pub… But it saved me half a day of fixing. And when i tried the same bake with plain old Jass-Pub (primstar) i found that part of the dragonfly jumped to another location after baking:

After bake with Jass-Pub

After bake with Jass-magic

Then after baking the project it was a one click to “Object -> Scripts -> Preview Selection as sculpties” (and 1 second to wait) to reimport the entire arrangement of 17 sculpties to blender and see how your bake result will look like in Second Life):

And when i remembered that i have to do a whole lot(!) of clicks to import the entire set to blender to preview it as sculpties and rearrange all of them manually … That alone saves me a lot of time.  So after working with the beta tool for a couple of days i decided, it deserved a nicer name and “Jass-Magic” was born.