Dear customers;

Recently Linden Labs have changed their TOS. First and most important for you:

This has no direct impact on our support and we will continue our offers as before.

However we feel uncomfortable about the change of the TOS and we have made a few moves to support those who no longer have access to Second Life. And we also have decided to rework our documentation and replace all references to Second Life by something more generic. We have taken following actions in detail:

IRC: #avastar on freenode

We have setup a IRC channel #avastar on Freenode. You are invited to join to this channel. Usage and registration are free.I use the Chatzilla plugin for Firefox. But there is also a web based irc client available. please google for your best solution. Of course the channel is very silent at the moment but you still can check it out and use it. BTW: Freenode is also used by blender users. You may be curious to checkout the #blender channel for regular blender users.

Articles and Documentations in our Blog

We have replaced occurrences of “Second Life” by “SL, OpenSim or similar online worlds”. Where ever we need to specifically refer to “Second Life” we now mostly use the term “SL” as abbreviation. We think this is a practical and reasonable way to express that our tools are not bound to Second Life.

More payment systems

Currently we provide 2 payment systems for our sales. But since the new TOS might make it impossible for some users to log in to Second Life, we are checking what alternative payment systems we possibly can support in the future. Please feel free to indicate us what payment systems you wish to get supported.
  • Paypal
  • Second Life


 Renaming within the Avastar User Interface

We have identified all occurrences of the terms “SL” and “Second Life” in the user Interface of Avastar. We have renamed these terms to more generic forms as indicated in the list to the right. This rename shall make it clear that Avastar is not bound to Linden Lab and Second Life, but supports all compatible worlds as well.
Old New Comment
SL SL,OpenSim Various places
SL bones Basis Various places
Second Life SL/OpenSim Animation Retarget tool
SL Importer Mesh Importer Tooltips

The changes take effect with the upcoming release update Avastar-1.1

Sidenote about Blender 2.69

The Blender Collada exporter referred to “Second Life” on the user interface. These references have been replaced by references to “SL+OpenSim”. this was done to make it clear that Blender is by no means associated with Linden Lab and Second Life. However the underlaying functionality has NOT been changed. So Second Life users still can use Blender as usual.

I will add more activities to this Post as they appear. Thank you for reading.