So here is our first Relese candidate for Avastar-1.0 We have fixed another few bugs and added many improvements regarding usability, like helper tools for non humanoid rigging and a more robust Collada exporter. The video gives you a first impression about how non human rigging works with Avastar. More details see below.


  • Fix: Collada Export of generated images fails after blender restart
  • Fix: mirror copy also copied bones from invisible layers
  • Imp: Simplified the mesh and armature control panels
  • Fix: bone draw_type selector pointed to wrong selection list
  • Imp: Always apply rotation&scale for meshes when exporting
  • New: Added “clean target groups” option to weight copy
  • Fix: Avoid jumping of mesh location when freezing
  • Fix: Inconsistency bug in blender data can lead to exceptions
  • Imp: Bone weight Copy tools where not available in all valid cases.
  • New: Added function to remove all Avastar shapes (convenience method for non human armatures)
  • New: Added SnapIKToRig option
  • Imp: Added new function for protect/unprotect editing of Structure bones
  • Fix: Removed Snap Rig to SL Bones (We actually do not want to edit the SL bones at all)
  • New: Added new operator for Snapping Control Bones to SL Bones. (Tool Shelf, edit mode)
  • New: Added new operator for Snapping SL Bones to Control Bones. (Tool Shelf, edit mode)
  • Fix: Freeze inplace now keeps parent/child relation with aramature. (Tool Shelf, Freeze tool)
  • Imp: Clean weight group: When vertex mask selection is active clean only selected verts.


  • New Helper tools for non human rigging
  • Improvements regarding export to Collada (more fail proof)

Unresolvable bugs (not fixed for Avastar-1.0):

  • The Spine attachment bone has a wrong orientation. Thus attachment animations of the aSpine bone will turn the bone upside down. Only the aSpine bone is affected. For all other bones animations work just fine. No workaround known.


  • Completing the Documentation
  • Review (and partially redo) the existing videos

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Where is the Download ?

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    Please check in the FAQ.
  • I already purchased Avastar-1:
    You find the new update in your Product Download folder.
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    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Avastar-1 vendor.

Important notes:

  • We believe that we have fixed all known issues (except the unresolvable bugs as indicated above) with Avastar by now. However please continue reporting any issues. Every test case can help us to isolate new problems.

  • We have tested the new Avastar update on the development version of Blender. Avastar should now run on all Blender versions from 2.61 up to 2.66a.