Hi, dear customers

We have been informed about users who claimed to be “employees of Jass” or of Machinimatrix. These persons try to get hold of your Purchase ID’s so they can download the software for free. If someone comes to you and asks you about your customer information, then please do not give that away! Please note:

  1. We will never ask you for any purchase ID. We have other ways to find out if you are a customer or not.
  2. Our entire business is represented by “Domino Marama”, “Freston Resident” and “Gaia Clary” (All Second Life Names). We also have a Bot at work named “Botichita Resident”. If anybody else is contacting you in the name of Jass or Machinimatrix, please report that to one of us (preferably to Gaia Clary).
  3. All Purchase issues should be addressed to “Gaia Clary” in Second Life ( either via IM or via Notecard) or to purchase@machinimatrix.org via Email.

Thank you for reading!