We have just released Primstar-2-dev-125.

If you have purchased Primstar-2 then the new release is located in your Jass-inventory.
If you want to purchase, then follow the description of the Primstar-2 Early Adopters
Program on the Primstar-2 home page. Look for Primstar-2-dev-125.zip

Change details:

  • NEW: Sculptify Objects
  • NEW: Auto recreate of lost images
  • IMPROVED: Cone Shape (first iplementation was too limited)
  • IMPROVED: No reset Origin when Mirror Modifier is used.
  • FIX: Accuracy issues with “non snapped to pixel” UV-Layouts (found after rotating UV-map)
  • FIX: Accuracy issues at U,V=1.0 (unexpected vertex shifts near poles)


Gaia + Domino